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Product Description
Measuring cells like the TSC 70 Closed and TSC 1600 closed allow the use of variable electrode materials in their caps.
This cap comes with the cells TSC 70 Closed and TSC 1600 Closed by default. It contains 4 platinum wires with a thickness of 250 µm which are insulated from each other by glass and which can be contacted separately. Their front edge (electrochemially active surface) is mirror-like polished.
Product Details
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For added flexibility regarding electrode materials and cleaning, please see also our screw caps with interchangeable electrodes.
Detailed Description
The platinum screw cap consists of 4 platinum wires with a diameter of 250 µm each. The wires are sealed inside of lime-soda-glass capillaries and can be individually connected to measuring devices by means of the top connector plug.
The screw cap may be used with the closed measuring cells TSC 70 Closed and TSC 1600 Closed as well as the TSC Surface.
The screw caps were used in various different applications, such as
  • Temperature-dependent impedance spectroscopy of liquid electrolytes (aqueous electrolytes, ionic liquids, carbonate based battery electrolytes) for determination of their conductivity
  • Recording of cyclic voltammograms for determination of the stability window of liquid electrolytes
  • Recording of cyclic voltammograms for determination of the HOMO-LUMO gap of organic dyes (amongst others solutions in dichloromethane and acetonitrile)
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