Product Description

The CompreCell is a measuring cell designed for use with the CompreDrive active press system.

The CompreCell is used in solid state electrochemistry to provide a means to investigate materials such as solid electrolytes with common electrochemical methods while keeping the sample under defined compression and temperature.

The CompreCell is fully sealed and can therefore be used to handle sensitive samples by filling the cell in a glovebox under inert gas atmosphere and then measuring it outside.

The force is applied via hard-metal plungers that are inserted into an inner sleeve that is commonly made from an AlOx-ceramic for maximum force resistance. The sleeve may also be manufactured from other materials such as PEI or PEEK, which may limit the maximum force and temperature that may be applied to the cell.

The default sample diameter is 12mm, but smaller diameters are available. Likewise, the maximum force may be limited, due to the increased pressures produced at smaller diameters.

Product Details
Article No.:
6 x 6 x 14 cm (l x w x h)
Total weight:
2 kg
Sample diameter:
6 mm / 12 mm
Material (in sample contact):
Al2O3, PEEK or PEI, hard-metal (tungsten carbide)
Maximum force:
75 kN (663 MPa, 12 mm), 50 kN (1.7 GPa, 6 mm)
Temperature Range:
-40 °C to 250 °C (Al2O3) / 200 °C (PEI) / 150 °C (PEEK)
Electrochemical electrode setup:
2-electrode (plate-plate geometry)
The CompreCell is available in different variants for materials and diameters:
  • 840320: 12mm sample diameter, ceramic inner sleeve.
  • 840322: 12mm sample diameter, PEEK inner sleeve
  • 840323: 12mm sample diameter, PEI inner sleeve
  • 840321: 6mm sample diameter, ceramic inner sleeve
  • 840324: 6mm sample diameter, PEEK inner sleeve
  • 840325: 6mm sample diameter, PEI inner sleeve
Compatible cell stand

Introducing the CompreCell

A specialized measuring cell for high-pressure solid state research

The CompreCell is a specialized electrochemical measuring cell that allows the investigation of promising solid-state materials under constant pressure and force.
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