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Get deeper insights into your solid state batteries - the CompreCell 12 DP-3e

The CompreCell 12 DP-3e is a three electrode test cell designed for use with the CompreDrive or the CompreFrame setup. The two electrode equivalent is the CompreCell 12 DP.

The cell is airtight and can therefore be used to handle sensitive samples by filling the cell in a glovebox under inert gas atmosphere and then measuring it outside.

The CompreCell 12 DP-3e is a test cell suitable for stack-ups of solid samples, like all-solid-state batteries, under active pressure control. Further it is also suitable for powdered samples and allows e.g. pelletizing in-situ.

An intuitive design facilitates the layer-by-layer assembling of an all-solid-state battery starting from the separate component materials: Both hard-metal plungers in the cell can move independently and therefore apply pressure to a stack at a fixed z-location in the inner sleeve. This is crucial to be able to use very thin wires as reference electrode.

Special PEEK sleeves for two types of reference electrode geometries are available:

  • A wire-based reference electrode, for which any metal wire from 10 µm to 500 µm can be used. This is the preferred method for soft electrolytes, where the wire is pressed-in.
  • A wire-ring based reference electrode (“lasso type”) for wires with a thickness between 400 and 600 µm. This is the preferred method for pre-made pellets, for example sintered oxide ceramics.

Product Details
Article No.:
54 mm diameter, 134.2 mm height (empty cell with piston)
Total weight:
1.3 kg
Sample diameter:
12 mm
Material (in contact with sample):
PEEK, hard-metal (tungsten carbide)
Maximum force:
75 kN (663 MPa, 12 mm)
Temperature range:
-40 °C to 150 °C
2-electrode geometry:
3-electrode geometry:
plate-plate, finger-like or ring-like reference electrode
Compatible cell stands:
CompreDrive, CompreFrame
Compatible cell stands
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