Product Description
The MultiSource is a protocol translator between RS-232 Modbus and a) the Ei-Bisynch protocol or b) analog input/output.
The default application is to allow connections to Eurotherm 3216 temperature controllers from devices that don't natively support its RS-232 Modbus protocol.
The MultiSource can offer translation between:
  1. RS-232 ⇄ RS-232 (protocol translation)
  2. RS-232 ⇄ Analog In/Out
  3. Analog ⇄ Analog (voltage level conversion)
Customizable: Based on your wishes the device can be programmed by us for other protocols or applications aside from controlling an Eurotherm 3216.
Please contact us to discuss your specific application!
Additionally the device features a feedthrough mode that allows direct connections through the two RS-232 ports without disconnecting the cables (up to 115200 baud).
The analog ranges as well as modbus baud rates are configurable via an included software tool.
Product Details
Article No.:
Supply Voltage:
24 V DC
19 x 11 x 6 cm
Serial specification:
RS-232 (min. +/- 7V)
Analog I/O:
Max. +/- 10V, 16 bit resolution
Connecting Novocontrol WinDETA/WinChem to Eurotherm 3216
The Novocontrol software supports the control of Eurotherm 2400 series controllers that can use the Ei-Bisynch serial protocol. The Eurotherm 3216 is a more economic alternative but it does not support Ei-Bisynch. The MultiSource translates seemlessly between the two protocols, thus allowing the direct control of the Eurotherm 3216 from WinDETA/WinChem.
Controlling the Eurotherm 3216 from Biologic EC-Lab
Biologic devices such as the SP-150 typically have robust analog-in and analog-out connections. The EC-Lab software then maps voltage levels to temperatures via linear interpolation. The Eurotherm 3216 lacks analog in/out capabilities. Therefore, the MultiSource is used to measure and output the analog signals from the Biologic device, and translate them into Modbus commands.
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