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rhd instruments GmbH & Co. KG and the Technical University of Darmstadt were granted a Distr@l Funding by the State of Hesse / Distr@l program

rhd instruments GmbH & Co. KG (= rhd) and the Technical University of Darmstadt are receiving a non-repayable subsidy as project funding from the Distr@l funding program of the Hessian State Chancellery in the area of the Minister for Digital Strategy and Development.

The project is supported by funds from the State of Hessen according to the Chap. 02 06 Funding Product 07 Digital Innovation and Technology Promotion, Funding line 2: Digital Innovation Projects, Module A Product Innovations.

The project will be carried out at the project partner’s offices in Darmstadt.

Funding period:

01.04.2022 to 31.03.2025

Project volume:

309.795,00 € (Funding: 210.907,00 €)

Project name:

KI-basiertes Sortieren von Spektren – KISS
English: AI-based sorting of spectra

Funding number:


Project partner 1:

rhd instruments GmbH & Co. KG
Otto-Hesse-Straße 19 T3
64293 Darmstadt

Project partner 2:

Technische Universität Darmstadt
Fachbereich Materialwissenschaften
Fachgebiet Nichtmetallische Anorganische Werkstoffe
Alarich-Weiss-Straße 2, 64287 Darmstadt

Scope and objective of the project

Scope of the project is the development of a software package based on artificial-intelligence. It should enable an automated sorting, analysis-model building and finally evaluation of a large amount of impedance spectroscopy data.

In the end, the resulting software should

  1. automatically and reliably sort a large amount of impedance spectroscopy data,
  2. automatically attribute physically meaningful analysis models to the sorted data,
  3. perform an automated fitting routine with high robustness level of the results,
  4. help to detect hidden correlations between measured impedance data and metadata,
  5. and be based on a user-friendly, intuitive and lean user interface.

For further information about the Distr@l funding program, please visit the website on promoting companies in a digital context | Hessian Minister of Digital Strategy and Development ( (in German):

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